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United States Air Force Para-Rescue
-Current Firefighter/Paramedic
– South Florida agency
-Active Auxiliary Police Officer/SWAT Medic
– South Florida agency


• US Army Free Fall Parachuting School, Joint Special Operations Combat Diver School, Joint Special Operations Medical School, NREMT-I with Para-rescue specific training, Survival School, Helicopter dunker training, , ROCO Rescue structural collapse and confined space rescue, Swift water rescue, Dive Medical Technician, All Terrain Vehicle Instructor Course,

Rescue environment/platforms:

• Rescue Platforms: Rotary and fixed wing aircraft, marine vessels, ATV, Motorcycles, and most passenger vehicles.

• Rescue Environments: Urban, Jungle, Mountainous, Water, Arctic and Desert environments. High/low angle rescue, Structural collapse/Confined Space, Swift Water, Peace and Wartime.

Certifications: State certified EMT-Paramedic, and State certified minimum standards Firefighter I & II, FLUSAR Rope Ops/Tech. Auxiliary Police officer.


Prior service
82nd Airborne Div. 1-504 PIR
Masters Degree from Barry University.
S. Florida LEO assigned as a Detective in the Robbery Unit / USMS Fugitive Task Force
Active SWAT Team Member and Assistant Training Instructor
Active Sniper Team Member

Various certifications to include but not limited to:
Basic and Advanced SWAT Courses
Basic and Advanced Sniper Courses
Tactical Waterborne Operations
Certified Florida General and Firearms Instructor


Active LEO/South Florida agency
Masters degree from St Thomas University
Holds the rank of Sergeant
Assignment: Operations Division
Active SWAT member (Team Leader)
Active Sniper Team Leader
SWAT Assistant Training Coordinator
Various certifications to include but not limited to:
Basic/Advanced SWAT Schools
Basic/Advanced Sniper Schools
Tactical Waterborne Operations
Florida General Instructor, etc


Active LEO/South Florida agency

Active SWAT Team member
Active Sniper Team member
Active Waterborne Team Leader
Active Marine Patrol Officer & Police Diver
U.S. Merchant Marine Officer (since 1998)
Commercial Salvor and Marine Towing Captain/Diver
First Officer of 200' passenger vessel
Various certifications and training including but not limited to:
Basic SWAT School
Basic/Advanced Sniper Schools
Advanced SWAT courses
Tactical Waterborne Operations
U.S. Merchant Mariner Master, Master of Towing Vessel, Safety Officer and Shipboard Firefighter Operator, Life Boatman, Radar Observer and certified in Celestial Navigation.
Marine Tactical boating and Firearms training, Federal exclusionary zone vessel tactics.
Law Enforcement Diver certified, Underwater crime scene and recovery certified, Open Water and Advanced Diver certified, Salvage Diver.