#Sharpen Your Perspective 
Code Red Tactics & Consulting LLC is veteran owned and operated. Our staff includes former and current SOF Pararescue, Military, and active SWAT Team members. Our mission is to provide students with the tools necessary to increase survivability and public safety. Our instructors strive to provide tactics and training learned first hand in real world experiences.
  1. Firearms Training
    Firearms Training
    Providing techniques and procedures that work in the real world. Our instructors are experienced shooters in handgun, carbine, and long range precision rifle.
  2. Tactical Medicine and First Aid
    Tactical Medicine and First Aid
    Our lead medical instructor is a former Pararescuemen and current fulltime firefighter. Instruction and courses are current and up to date with our ever changing environment.
  3. Consulting
    Our instructors and staff have knowledge and experience in a variety of tactical, medical and maritime operations.

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