Our Services
In our courses, we strive to give you the most practical training possible.  Our intructors have over 40 years of combined military, law enforcment, SWAT, maritime and medical training. Additionaly we have attended numerous training courses at home and aborad.  This has given us the ability to apply and practice what works and most importantly, what doesn't! 

Courses Offered

Below are listed courses offered and held regularly.  If there is any specific course you do not see, please contact us with your idea's or needs.



Tactical Medicine and First Aid

We offer courses from beginner pistol shooters to advanced.  Additionaly, we provide instruction in concealed carry pistol  for civilian and law enforcement. Courses should be taken in sequence unless your skill level has been verified by intructors.  Courses include but not limited to:

Pistol for Beginner

Pistol 1

Pistol 2

​Concealed Carry for Civilian

​Concealed Carry for LEO
We offer courses to civilian and law enforcement in various skill levels.  From never hold and firing a carbine/rifle to individuals who live by it.  Courses include but not limited to:

Carbine for Beginner

Carbine 1

Carbine 2

Long Range Percision Rifle

Our intructors are current working professionals up to date in their field of care.  Additionally, our medical intructors have experienced care and treatment under fire.  We not only train basic and advanced professionals but we currently teach children and young adults the importance of CPR and basic first aid. Courses include but not limited to:

Tactial Med / TCCC

​Patient Packaging and Transport

Ballistic Wound Treatment and Care

​Junior Medic

​AHA CPR and AED Certification Classes